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About The Internal And External Turbocharger Waistgate

About The Internal And External Turbocharger Waistgate
Have you ever been near a diesel powered truck when the driver steps down on the throttle? If so, you may have heard a sharp hissing noise coming from the trucks engine compartment. In this article I'll explain what that noise is and where it's coming from, and why it's so important to the function of the trucks engine. The whistling noise you hear is actually compressed air released from the engines turbocharger. Nearly all diesel engines and many gas engines use a turbocharger to force more air into the combustion chamber so you can add more fuel so the engine will produce more horsepower. A turbocharger employs a mechanism called a " waist-gate". The waist-gate is simply an air pressures regulator used to keep the turbo from spinning out of control once it pressures itself up.
Turbochargers operate when exhaust manifold pressure spins the " turbine", when the turbine spins so does the compressor it's attached too. As the compressor spins faster it builds more and more pressure until the engine is at maximum boost, once the engine achieves full boost, the pressure then needs to be regulated or the turbocharger will continue to spin faster and continue to build pressure until it spins itself out of control.
There are 2 types of waist-gates, "internal" and "external". Internal types are built right into the turbo housing itself, because of this, there relatively limited as to how large the pressure outlet can be, this limited outlet size becomes a problem when you're running high boost levels, if the outlet doesn't let enough pressure escape it will cause the turbo to spin too fast, thus causing damage to itself or the engine. In cases with higher boost pressure, an "external" type, can be used, because of its potentially unlimited outlet size depending on the model you choose. The external although typically more precise than internal models are not as commonly used due to lack of space in the engine compartment. External waist-gates require their own special exhaust manifold which also means higher cost.

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